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A New Approach to Data
Are teachers happy? Do students like the library? Jo Beth Jimerson looks beyond numbers.

Driving Policy
Weiwei Liu says that for higher gasoline taxes to be an effective method of curbing climate change, they need to be customized by region and even individual.

Stopping the Flu Virus
Hana Dobrovolny’s research could lead to personalized vaccines.

Social Psychology and Sales
Zachary Hall studies how perception and intuition influence sales.

Carbon Catcher
Omar Harvey says coffee grounds can ease climate change.

Blockbuster or Bust?
Mark Houston applies big data to predict winners in the entertainment industry.

Filming the Education Resistance
Francyne Huckaby documents neoliberalism and school reform to bring her research to life.

Getting Back in the Game
Adam King is expanding the scope on ACL rehab in female athletes.

Trouble Along the Border
Celeste Menchaca says science and technology formed the U.S.-Mexico border but never provided an effective means of its control.

Muslim-Christian Crossroads
Samuel Ross studies the Bible’s influence on Quran commentators.

On the Trail of Disease
Nursing students learn the value of collaboration and critical thinking when facing public health threats.

Saving the Horned Lizard
Genetics expert Dean Williams works to reverse the decline of the Texas reptile.