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Young gamer playing video game wearing headphone.

Video games give transnational students a boost in a new land. Steve Przymus spent 20 years teaching English to immigrant and refugee students in U.S. public schools. During this time, he witnessed the powerful relationship between academic performance and identity — or the way students are perceived by peers. “Identity is probably the single greatest… Read more »


Carol Howe, assistant professor of nursing,

Addressing childhood obesity can become especially challenging if parents are blind to it. American children are getting heavier and heavier. Since the ’80s, the average 11-year-old girl has gained 7 pounds without getting any taller. Boys of the same age have gained about an inch in height, but they’re 13.5 pounds heavier. For some reason,… Read more »


Jessica Zeller, assistant professor of dance (Fine Arts), is an expert on the art of teaching ballet. Her 2016 book, Shapes of American Ballet, explored training methods employed before George Balanchine, the "father of American ballet" transformed the way the country embraced the dance form during Hollywood's golden era. She posed for photos with student Ludvina Theodor (class of 2020, dual major in ballet and accounting) in Erma Lowe Hall on the TCU campus on May 23, 2018. (photo by Joyce Marshall)

A new approach to ballet instruction calls for greater reflection and student input. Championed in the U.S. beginning in the 19th century by philosopher John Dewey, progressive education prioritizes student engagement in the learning process. In 2018, the tenets of progressive education have made their way into almost every arena of American education. Except for… Read more »


Amina Zarrugh sitting in a chair in an office

Anxieties about terrorism influence the way Americans — and policymakers — view immigration. On Oct. 22, 2018, President Donald Trump posted a tweet that a group of Central American migrants traveling toward the U.S. contained “unknown Middle Easterners.” Though Trump didn’t mention terrorism, he did, in the same tweet, describe the existence of the caravan… Read more »


Eunseon Kwon looking to the sky

A recent study explores social media and consumer advocacy. Eunseon “Penny” Kwon ventures beyond social media “likes” to examine how consumers behave online, particularly with respect to luxury apparel brands. Much of her ongoing research centers on deciphering why certain users become advocates for high-end fashion companies by reposting or retweeting their social media content…. Read more »


TCU geology professor Dr. John Holbrook looking into a river

Geologist John Holbrook’s knowledge of Earth’s interior is part of the puzzle of a clean-energy future. Rivers are the lifeblood of human civilization. They connect two essentials: land and water. Researchers examine rivers’ sedimentary record to understand how water transformed land and to get a good idea of how Earth used to look. The remnants… Read more »


Seamless pattern of a crowd of many different people profile heads. Vector background.

The strength of relationships plays a key role in reactions to arguments. From a teenager’s snide asides to a plate-hurling fight with a spouse, conflict resonates with people in different ways, leaving some to nurse hurt feelings long after they have outwardly kissed and made up. Less-than-pleasant social interactions and the way people perceive them… Read more »