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RESEARCH @ TCU Leading the Way

The public trusts scholars to find solutions to previously unanswerable problems. In times of crisis, like during a pandemic, pushing the boundaries of the known world becomes society’s most urgent priority. Luckily, our research programs at TCU advance us to the forward edge of that knowledge.

Welcome to Endeavors.

Floyd Wormley standing for a photo

Floyd Wormley Jr.
Associate Provost for Research
and Dean of Graduate Studies

While this season has presented us with unprecedented challenges, it also has allowed the resiliency, innovation and excellence of our students, faculty and staff to shine. We respected safety protocols to “Protect the Purple” and worked from remote locations to fulfill the research and creative activities that form the foundation of Texas Christian University’s coveted teacher-scholar model. This issue honors these efforts and highlights the power of the TCU culture to advance academic and personal achievement through intellectual inquiry, the creation of knowledge, and artistic and creative expression.

During a time when effective health communication can mean life or death, the Bob Schieffer College of Communication is examining such messaging in media, film and television and on the web. Leaders in our College of Education partner with nonprofit foundations to engage in research and outreach at local high schools, enhancing college preparedness and enrollment.

In this issue, explore the strength and resilience of human trafficking survivors involved in the anti-trafficking movement as advocates. Learn with us how trailblazers in business, liberal arts, science and engineering, and health care work collectively to apply computational and analytic tools to drive discovery and instruction. Read about the research that will make renewable energy cheaper and more reliable.

Horned Frog scholars and innovators are leading the way to new knowledge and a broader future, filled with data, cures, insights and infinite possibilities for our global community. Join us, as we “Endeavor” to do more.